KNU’s 7th Brigade Under Fire Karen National Liberation Army KNU’s 7th Brigade Under FireBy Shah PaungApril 12, 2007 Fighting continued on Thursday in Karen State’s 7th Brigade between the Karen National Liberation Army and junta-backed splinter groups, with the KNLA abandoning several of their camps. 訂做禮服Soldiers from Battalion 101 of the KNLA, the military wing of the Karen National Union, told The Irrawaddy from the front lines of the fighting that at least one skirmish broke out on Thursday with soldiers from the Burmese junta-backed Karen 房地產breakaway group Democratic Karen Buddhist Army. Democratic Karen Buddhist Army “About 200 of them are now moving towards our position, and more clashes are imminent later today,” one KNLA soldier said. Sources near the Thai-Burmese border say that the B 西裝外套urmese army has requested Thai authorities to allow their soldiers and members of the DKBA to operate within a one-mile area of Thai soil—a request that has reportedly been granted—without interference from the Thai military or border police. Furthermore, sources say Thai au 節能燈具thorities have ordered Thai villagers to seize KNLA weapons from soldiers if they cross into Thailand bearing arms. A spokesperson from Thailand’s 17th Regiment Infantry Task Force was unavailable for comment on Thursday. Clashes have occurred regularly since April 7, according to the KNU Su 售屋網preme Headquarters, with one KNLA soldier dead and another injured. At least three from the DKBA and the Burmese army have been killed, with several more injured by landmines, the KNU headquarters said. In six days of fighting, the DKBA, with the support of the Burmese army, has overrun at least six KNLA cam 找房子ps, including Battalion 24 headquarters and camps in Thay Ka Ya, Maw Pah Thoo, Ta Law, as well as the headquarters of Battalion 101 and another camp headed by Col Johnny in 7th Brigade. According to a statement issued by KNU Supreme Headquarters on Thursday, the Burmese army tasked the DKBA to attack areas in 7th Bri 保濕面膜gade, while its Light Infantry battalions 231, 355, 356, 546, 98, and 28—under the Military Operations Command 12—provided support. Burmmese Army (SPDC troops) Other splinter groups are also said to have contributed troops for the offensive against the KNU. A recent splinter group calling itself the KNU/KNLA Peace Council has reportedly 酒店工作assisted the DKBA. Burmese troops have also occupied areas of KNU 6th Brigade and are reportedly receiving assistance from a Karen ceasefire group known as the Haungthayaw Special Region Group led by Tha Mu Hei, the former Battalion 16 commander in 6th Brigade, who surrendered to the junta in 1997. Recent fighting has displaced nearly 300 villagers who 烤肉食材have fled across the border to Mae Ramat in Thailand’s Tak province—opposite Karen State’s 7th Brigade—according to the Karen Refugee Committee. About 200 of them have since returned to Karen State. The KRC said an additional 200 villagers crossed the Thai border in Pop Phra district, Tak province to escape the fighting. 買屋163  .
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