Suu Kyi News on Chinese TV Suu Kyi News on Chinese TV By THE IRRAWADDY Friday, March 27, 2009A state-run Chinese TV station in Yunnan Province broadcast news on Wednesday con 售屋網cerning detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. According to sources in Ruili on the Sino-Burmese border, the news 術後面膜program stated that the Geneva-based UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention had declared that the ongoing house arrest of the Nobel 好房網 Prize laureate was illegal and contrary to the domestic law of Burma.It is rare to see Suu Kyi’s picture or hear mention of her name in the Chin 情趣用品ese media as Beijing has long been a strong supporter of the Burmese junta. Burma observers have suggested that the apparent recognition of the Burmese opposition l 術後面膜eader by a Chinese network could signal a cooling in Beijing’s support for the Burmese junta. The broadcast came just days after the visit of a high-level US diplomat to Burma. Observ 禮服ers said that amid signs of a shifting US approach toward the military rulers, China might be worried that the US will influence the Burmese regime and may be looking to intimidate the junta 售屋網by winning favor with the opposition.During his four-day visit to Burma, Stephen Blake, director of the State Department's Mainland Southeast Asia Office, held talks with senior members of the opposition National L 宜蘭民宿eague for Democracy, which is led by Suu Kyi. Suu Kyi is being held under the terms of Burma’s State Protection Act of 1975, which provides for detention for up to five years to persons judged to pose a threat to the 酒店打工sovereignty and security of the state and the peace of the people. Suu Kyi already served that sentence, but it was extended for a further 12 months. Her current detention is due to expire on May 24. 吳哥窟=15384  .
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